Tuition and Fees

Class Tuition is billed on a ten month payment scale (September – June). The calendar is designed to make sure that each class has a minimum of 35 classes plus dress rehearsal and a performance. Essentially, we have taken the yearly total for these 35 classes and, for your convenience, we have broken it down into 10 payments. Thus, tuition is the same each month, September through June, regardless of how many lessons there are in any given month.

Tuition is due the first of each month. You may provide a credit or debit card number. Your monthly tuition will then be automatically withdrawn each month on the first. If payment is returned for NSF or for any other reason, including expiration date or a cancelled card, your account will be assessed a $30 re-processing fee.

NO credits or refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are allowed and must be made up within four weeks. Make ups should be arranged with the teacher of the class that was missed.

Recital Costume Fees, if not paid prior, will be automatically withdrawn on December 5th.

Recital Fees, if not paid prior, will be automatically withdrawn on February 15th.

A 4 week notice must be given in writing by signing a withdrawal form to stop tuition payment when you remove your student from a class. Classes already paid for above and beyond the four week withdrawal notice will remain a credit on your account for up to two years to be used on future tuition.

Adult Classes

$35 per month or Drop ins $4 each OR 10 pumch card for $32.00

Other Fees Include

Registration Fee: $25 per student

NSF or Reprocessing Fee: $30 for insufficient funds or for reprocessing for any reason, including expired or cancelled cards.

Costume Fee: Approximately $45 – $85 per recital dance, depending on size and style of costume, which is due Dec. 5th.

Recital Fee: This separate fee of $60 per first student in a family, ($55 per second student, and $50 per each additional family member) is due February 15th to cover recital expenses.

Late Fees: $10 for late tuition; $25 for late costume or recital fees.

All Tuition and Fees are Non-Refundable.