Policies and Procedures

Etiquette Dance training is built on standards that reflect respect and professionalism. These standards include listening to your instructor, following directions, and adhering to the required dress code. We expect our dancers to arrive on time, ready for dance, and to display courtesy to their parents, instructors, and classmates. Any misconduct unbecoming to students, guests, or instructors may result in suspension from class.

Home practice is needed by each student to progress. We encourage parents to support this as it will help the instructors move each class and student at a faster rate, as well as promote progress.

On a weekly basis, please ask your child if the instructor gave out any handouts. Many times important notices are left in dance bags and parents never see them.

Please inform your instructor of any injuries, allergies, or special needs that may require extra attention.

Talking, chewing gum, eating, drinking, sitting down, wandering in and out of the room, hanging on the barres, climbing on the mats or leaning against the wall are as unacceptable during a class as they would be on stage in front of an audience.

Remember, a good attitude is very important in any learning environment.

Class Arrival and Attendance
It is essential that students arrive to class on time. Please do not let your child go into the dance studios until the teacher calls them in for class. Teachers are only responsible for students during class time. Office personnel are not responsible for students at any time.

Please allow ample time to be completely prepared for class to start. This allows for a safe and proper warm up to avoid injuries. BDA reserves the right to have students sit out of class if they come late and miss warm ups or if the student is not in appropriate attire.

Regular attendance is critical for student progression and group choreography. Please try to make all scheduled classes to allow instructors and students to do the best job possible.

Students are not to be left at BDA for excessive time before or after class, as there is no provision for watching unattended students. We also suggest that someone accompany little ones at the beginning, as well as, at the end of class time. The instructors will be unable to monitor them if they are teaching a class with other students.

If a student is unable to attend class, a courtesy call to inform the office would be appreciated. No credit or refund will be given for missed classes.

BDA reserves the right to provide a substitute instructor if the regularly scheduled instructor is ill or otherwise unable to teach classes. If an instructor is ill and BDA cannot arrange for a substitute, parents and students will be notified as soon as possible and a make up class will be scheduled by BDA at a different time.

Make up Classes
NO credits or refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes are allowed and must be made up within 8 weeks. Make ups should be arranged with the teacher of the class that was missed. Make-up classes will only be approved if BDA has been notified prior to the student’s absence.

If a class enrollment is too small, Bellevue Dance Academy reserves the right to cancel or combine that class with another appropriate class.

Individual, group and class photos taken by us or an outside company that we hire may be used in any or all forms of media for advertising. The names of the children will not be used if photos are placed on our website.

Parent Visitation
There will be a parent visitation week scheduled each semester, which will be announced in the BDA Newsletter and posted on the BDA Calendar. Parents are not allowed to sit in on classes, except during visitation week. There are windows to watch the students during class time. Parents are asked to refrain from distracting students in class. Teachers reserve the right to close the curtains at any time.

Parents are encouraged to make an appointment with the instructor, other than class time, to discuss their child’s progress. Please feel free to call the studio to schedule an appointment.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is due the first of each month: Bellevue Dance Academy is on a monthly billing system. Class Tuition is billed on a 10-month payment scale (September – June) based on an average number of classes per month. Thus, tuition is the same each month regardless of how many lessons there are in any given month.

You have two payment options. 1) Fill out the EFT Bank Draft form and provide a voided check or 2) a credit/debit card number. Your monthly tuition will then be automatically withdrawn each month on the first. If payment is returned for NSF or for any other reason, such as an expired card, your account will be assessed a $30 re-processing fee.

Bellevue Dance Academy does not mail out billing statements. Parents are responsible for the information that is posted on the bulletin board and website. Please check the Parent Information Board by the front desk EVERY WEEK.

Dropping a class: Students are registered and her/his place is held in class for the entire school year, from the date the registration form is signed through the June recital. Unless the student is removed from class by having a parent or guardian sign and date the “Class Withdrawal Form”, the parent or guardian will be responsible for tuition payments through the June recital. The only way to withdraw from a class is to complete the “Class Withdrawal Form”. This will stop the billing process. If the customer does not give this written notice, monthly tuition will still be processed through auto-pay for the next month’s classes and they will be financially responsible for the amount. IF YOU ATTEND ANY PORTION OF THE MONTH, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FULL MONTHLY TUITION. Calling, speaking to someone, telling a teacher or e-mail are not accepted as forms of withdrawal.

It is advised to complete the form 4 weeks (on month) in advance so that we can cancel your automatic payment with the bank. Classes already paid for above and beyond the 4-week withdrawal notice will remain as a credit on your account for up to two years to be used on future tuition. The 4-week notice begins from the date the withdrawal form is signed and dated at the bottom of registration form. Classes or payment from the 4-week withdrawal notice are not transferable to another student or sibling.

Refund Policy: Tuition, costumes, competition and travel fees are non-refundable. No credits or refunds for missed classes. Other Yearly Fees include:

Registration Fee: A non-refundable registration fee is required for enrollment along with a standard registration form. The annual fee is $25. If you withdraw during the year and start over again you will be charged a returning registration fee to re-register for classes.

Costume Fee: $45 – $85 per recital performance. This will depend on the size and style of the costume. We will do everything we can to keep this fee as reasonable as possible. We will be sending out the exact price for each costume as soon as they are finalized. This will be sometime in November. A student can make monthly down payments toward the costumes; however the total costume fee is due by December 5th. We will not order any costumes for students that have not been paid for in advance. We will be ordering the costumes during the winter break in December, so once the costumes have been ordered, a late fee of $25 will be assessed for any costumes needing to be ordered after the original order was placed. This is to cover additional shipping and handling charges that we will be assessed by the costume companies.

Costumes will be passed out during parent visitation week in May. It is vital that one parent / guardian attends the May Parent Visitation as VERY IMPORTANT recital information will be given out this week.

Recital Fee: $60 per first student in family, $55 for second student in family, and $50 for each additional student in family. This fee is due by February15th. This fee includes 4 tickets per first student and 2 tickets per second child and a recital t-shirt for each of the students. This fee assists with covering the expenses of the recital, such as auditorium space, technical support, lighting rental, set pieces, props, custodial labor, security, and any other expenses associated with the recital. A late fee of $25 will be assessed if the recital fee is paid after February 15th.

Insurance: It is understood that dance is an activity with inherent dangers for injury. Our staff is professionally trained and will train students in the safest manner possible. Bellevue Dance Academy DOES NOT carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all students be covered by their own family’s insurance policy, and if an injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.

Inclement Weather and Cancellations Although we do try to follow the Bellevue Public Schools for the most part, BDA will not necessarily close every time BPS closes. Many times roads are clear and safe by 2:30 pm.
If in doubt:

call the studio, or check the website, or our facebook page.

We appreciate every member of our BDA family! Thank you for maintaining a positive atmosphere when here at BDA! Please let us know if you have any questions!