About Us

Our Classes

BDA is proud to offer such a wide variety of dance styles and techniques. Each class is taught by a highly qualified, professional instructor. Larger classes may also have an advanced student as a demonstrator. In traditional classes such as Ballet, we strive to give our students a broad understanding of the technique for optimal execution and knowledge. In more progressive styles, such as contemporary, our goal is to intrigue students and push them to become versatile, confident dancers. Please click here for detailed information for each individual class.

Our Performances

We believe learning to perform is a fun and exciting process. Therefore, we will periodically offer optional performance opportunities in addition to our annual Recital in June. Some of these optional performances include, The Nutcracker, Holiday Spectacular, Community Events and Summer Theatre Camp. Participation is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged.

Our Mission

To teach excellence through dance, develop strong minds, and open hearts, and create passionate dancers.
Susan Quint, director of the Bellevue Dance Academy, has an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm for her students. She clearly loves what she does, and injects that positive energy into her students. Just wanted to tell you The Little Mermaid was EXCELLENT as usual! Jerri enjoyed every single minute of it! All I heard that night is “How in the world do they do this in TWO WEEKS?” I told them BECAUSE SUSAN Q IS RUNNING IT!!! 😉 Congrats. Jerri cannot wait til next year! WE LOVE BDA!!

Kim Brim

Both of my youngest are taking classes at BDA and LOVE the experience so far. They wish they had class every day!

Molly Koehler

My granddaughter cannot wait until Thursday evenings to go to dance class. Her teacher does an amazing job keeping those young girls moving so they stay motivated.

Lynne Reed