Specialty Classes

If you are looking for something other than traditional dance, then the Specialty Classes are made for you. Each specialty is taught by a professional in that particular field of study.

Exclusive Digital Classes

Want to dance with tWitch, Allison Holker and Kathryn McCormick? We are excited to announce that we are partnering with CLI Studios this year to give our students access to the dance industry's top choreographers. Register with our studio this season and you'll be able to take online and live master classes from world-renowned choreographers!.

Adult Classes

Just because you are over 18, does not mean you can’t still shake your groove thing! Whether it is for a work out or to extend your skill level, we have some great options for adults too.

Dance for Every Skill Level

Ballet, Jazz, and Tap for beginners through advanced! Each style of dance is specifically focused so that the dancers’ individual needs may be more fully addressed. All students are placed in classes appropriate to their skills and age.

Our objective is to place dancers with other dancers of like ability in order to provide a strong curriculum of skill, focus and challenge for all. Therefore, age is not necessarily a factor in class placement decisions. However, you will see approximate age ranges listed next to some classes below. These listed age ranges are to be used as a guideline when starting classes for the first time.

Each class has a list of specific techniques that will need to mastered, before progressing to the next class level. A dancer may possibly be moved up by instructor request during the school year if they acquire the necessary skills. It is customary for a student to stay in the same level multiple years in order to master skills before moving into another level. If you have questions regarding your dancer’s placement, instructors will be available for placement by audition.

Private Lessons – Don’t see what you are looking for?

Bellevue Dance Academy is a full service studio that offers professional dance instruction for ages 18 months – adults in a variety of dance styles – don’t forget BALLROOM, DANCE TEAM PREP and VOICE! We can arrange private lessons OR gather a few friends and with 5 paid registrations, we will open a class for you!

Electrix Competition Team Members learn exciting new dances and strive for precision in technique and performance. Students will participate in regional and national competitions. All Electrix Team members do have requirements. By audition only. If interested, please contact the front desk for further information

Don’t forget… We offer studio space for PRIVATE LESSONS, and BIRTHDAY PARTIES and other EVENTS!!!